OptimFROG - Contact

You can always contact me at the e-mail address florin · ghido ± gmail · com. Please make sure to change the "·" and "±" symbols in this e-mail address to their correct forms, they are used to help avoid receiving spam. Also, please always include the tag word "OptimFROG" in your e-mail subject in order to make sure it is not filtered away and it gets easily noticed.

OptimFROG is now also on Twitter, so the best way to stay connected and get timely information about future news and updates is to check and follow @OptimFROG on Twitter.

You can also download here my OpenPGP public key, if you want to verify the RSA signature of the release packages. Alternatively, you can download it from the Ubuntu key server or the MIT GPG key server by searching with my e-mail address.

OpenPGP public key: FlorinGhido_105CE256_pubkey.asc

OpenPGP fingerprint: 3BF4 DC21 0E69 70D0 A0D6 5A4D 1486 CC88 105C E256